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EDVARD MUNCH: The local connection

The world wide known Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was living and working in our region (Moss-Vestby) parts of his life. This fact of course is to be properly focused on in the media and otherwise during this years Munch 150 anniversary arrangements. LM will, in addition to information on his local stayings (below), publish pictures of some of his great but lesser known paintings, starting with the one abowe: Workers on their Way Home (1913-1914). Next: Sleepless Night (1920) and The Storm (1893). Below: Separation (1896). More grand Munch paintings to come in Lokalmagasinet.no.

Published June 2013. Paintings choosed from the Munch anniversary site http://www.munch150.no

His living in the municipality of Vestby (Hvitsten)
In November 1910 Munch purchased the property Nedre Ramme at Hvitsten on the eastern shore of the Oslo Fjord. Here he could continue working on his drafts for the University Aula decorations.

Several of these drafts gained inspiration from the striking local landscape and the background of the first drafts of The Scientists depict the beach below his property.Eleven decorations with scaled-down Aula motifs were also made here.

Munch owned Nedre Ramme until his death in 1944. Over the years he painted a number of smaller pictures at Hvitsten in addition to the Aula drafts. Many of these pictures depicted the location’s natural surroundings, residents and their activities.

♦ Munch’s paintings from Hvitsten are influenced by the monumental style he developed in Kragerø, with a distinctive colouring characterised by a cooler palette. Numerous bathing motifs and luscious landscapes such as The Wave are among his most well-known paintings from Hvitsten.

His living in the town of Moss (Jeløya)
Edvard Munch lived at the country estate Grimsrød in the middle of Jeløya in the town of Moss from March 1913 to September 1916. He also used the main manor house as an atelier and storage place for his painting and graphic works.

Munch had a wooden studio with a glass ceiling erected in the large garden and here too he laboured with his monumental Aula decorations. He also painted the view from the garden, the landscape of Søndre Jeløy, his dogs and glassworks workers on their way home from work.

The young domestic maid Ingeborg Kaurin became an important model for the artist. She was later given the nickname Mossepiken − Moss Girl.

When he wasn’t working, Munch liked to go on walks with his friend Consul Christen Sandberg, or he would walk with his dog Boy to the cinema in Moss.

Jeløya was strategically positioned in relation to Munch’s other properties and studios at Hvitsten, Åsgårdstrand and Kragerø, and he often went from one the other with his domestic help, horse and dogs. For information about events in Moss, please see Moss kommune.

Source: Munch anniversary site http://www.munch150.no/


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