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An art form unique to Norway

Publisert 23.02.14. Hello everyone, here's some words on my Norwegian brooches which is now being published in Lokalmagasinet.no, together with brooche number six, "Kommer ikke Olav Trygvason", above.

♦ There are quite a few examples showing 1814 and Eidsvoll as you would expect.

The other brooches cover all kinds of Norwegian subjects: Famous paintings, musicians poets and writers, sagas, folk heroes, historical events, fairy tales, scenic places, statues etc. As a big group they tell us a lot about Norway's history and heritage.

The brooches are a unique "genre" of cast silver figural brooches depicting all aspects of Norwegian art, history and culture.

They include Pillarguri, Birkebeiner, Saeterjentens Sondag, Amundsen, Soria Moria Slott, Ole Bull, Sami, Eidsvoll, Olaf Tryggvason, Terje Vigen, Ullabrand, Tordenskjold, Bjornson, etc etc etc.

It is an art form unique to Norway, which represents the response of Norway's silversmiths to the National Romantic movement.

I would be happy to provide all necessary information on the brooch stories and any background to the different silversmiths.

Silversmiths include David-Andersen, Gaudernack, Møller, Holmsen, Marius Hammer etc, but also many less famous masters who produced equally beautiful designs.

I have over 100 brooches but there are many more out there with new ones being found every month or so. Perhaps you readers will write to tell us about their own family brooch and you can put those in too.

My collection started with one from my Bestemor (Grandma) and another from my mother and they have always been very precious in our family.

Best regards

Guardian of the brooches

Til siden med de fem først publiserte brosjer.

Link to the URL with five first brooches published. (In Norwegian.) 

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