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An independent, general internet magazine

(PHOTO of man with beard: Sturla Strand)

Lokalmagasinet.no is a general internet magazine with a local and regional angle.

Varied information on the present and the past. Societal and futuristic debate. The visual/fine arts. Literature. Boat culture. Photo and photo services. Food and drink. Health, lifestyle. Doubt and belief.

These are the central aspects of the concept. Work, leisure, contexts and wholeness are other key words. They suggest the direction which Lokalmagasinet will take.

Reportage profiling of businesses and projects is a special priority in the planning and will be announced later.  Businesses and project leaders interested in journalistic presentation are welcome to contact us about the terms. Write to post@lokalmagasinet.no.

OUR VISION: To be a simple, but strong source of inspiration on the big web.

Postboks 160, N-1556 Son, NORWAY
Phone (mobile/cell): +47 41 54 70 70
Email: post@lokalmagasinet.no
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Publishing company:

Strand Prinfo, Postboks 160, N-1556 NORWAY, phone . +47 41 54 70 70
Org.nr.: 946 123 048
Bank: 1080.19.58651

Editor/Publisher: Svein-Harald Strand
Copyright: The content on Lokalmagasinet.no is protected by Norwegian law. Private use only. Copying without permission is prohibited. Collections of selected links and pointers to other sites are protected  by copyright law on par with text and photographs. Lokalmagasinet is to be cited as source when extracts appear in other media.

With Gullvinner as our partner

Lokalmagasinet.no is published in close co-operation with Info Helgeland AS in Mosjøen (www.lokalinfo.no), who has placed server space and IT competence at our disposal.

The company´s portal (www.mosjoen.com) was awarded the price Gulltaggen for the year 2000, in the category for best societal information.

Info Helgeland´s portal solutions is offered on licence to local communities around the country. The solution is first and foremost characterized by by the thought through way of making local information on the internet easily and quickly available.

An improved version of the portal solutions (version 2) with built-in automatic newshunter and automized commercials solution has been operative in 2003. Version 3 is under construction and will, for one, include an improved commercials solution. The new version will be the basis for, among other, www.vestbyportalen.no. (See info on Lokalmagasinet about this new site.)

Lokalmagasinet.no will over time build up regional and local solutions for the magazine to supplement Info Helgeland`s portal concept. Now, in the early phases, local magazines for the municipality of  Vefsn with Mosjøen, plus Son and other local communities in the municipality of Vestby, are being built up.

On our main page we will also publish/have pointers to a good deal of  shared material of national interest. Some of these articles will be pulled from the regional and local editions.

Many of the special sections that will distinguish Lokalmagasinet.no is under construction or being planned.

Contacting Lokalmagasinet.no
Lokalmagasinet.no is being built up as a leisure project/enterprise. Therefore, we ask of those who wish to get in touch with us to send a screen letter as Email to the address post@lokalmagasinet.no. Naturally, a regular paper letter to Lokalmagasinet.no, postboks 160, 1556, Norway, will do fine.

Art and culture will have a central place in Lokalmagasinet. The general photo- and illustrational archive being built up will include sales and rental opportunities on a bureau basis. Pictured here is a sculpture by the deceased Son based artist Dagny Hald. (Copyright: Lokalmagasinet Fototjenester/Svein-H. Strand.)
Lokalmagasinet.no (LM) er et uavhengig allment nettmagasin
Ansvarlig redaktør og utgiver: Svein-Harald Strand
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